Open-Source Modeling Capabilities
Flexible, extensible, and open-source coupled modeling capabilities that capture the dynamic multiscale interactions among energy, water, land, climate, socioeconomics, critical infrastructure, and other sectors

Integrated Modeling Overview

IM3 is committed to using open-source data, models, and tools to ensure the reproducibility of our research and facilitate collaboration with the multisector dynamics community. Where possible, we leverage or modify existing models and tools, including investments by DOE and other agencies, to jump-start progress and encourage community engagement. We also develop original models and coupling approaches. IM3 model coupling methods range from low coordination, low communication frequency, and yet high automation to two-way coordination, per time step communication frequency, and full automation. We use GitHub as a development platform, and our publicly available models and tools are here:

We provide links to the models utilized in IM3 below: