Integrated Multisector Multiscale Modeling
Innovative modeling to explore how human and natural system landscapes in the United States co-evolve in response to short-term shocks and long-term influences

Discovering Our Future

IM3 couples open-source, process-based, human and natural system models at multiple scales to project vulnerability and resilience under both short- and long-term influences.

We are currently studying the responses of interacting energy, water, land, and urban systems to the following compounding influences over the course of the 21st century:

  • Climate, including more severe heat waves and drought
  • Population and urbanization
  • Socioeconomics
  • Technology change

Key research gaps we are trying to close:

  • Vulnerabilities to heat waves: future urban populations; future regional electric grids
  • Propagation of drought adaptation responses across energy-water-land-urban systems
  • Compound effects of heat waves and drought on the future electric grid
  • Formal uncertainty characterization methods for computationally-intensive coupled models

IM3 is pursuing these research gaps with different degrees of spatial, temporal, and process resolution and at the following scales: CONUS, electricity grid interconnection, watershed, and urban.


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